Apex Environmental Solutions is a family-owned and operated commercial pest-control service.

Our in-depth knowledge and experiences has been helping commercial businesses for over 35+ years. Our dedication to providing our customers with the best integrated pest management solutions for their commercial businesses is our specialty.

We are proud to say, when other companies can’t get the job done. They Call us.

Effective and Environmentally Friendly
Approach to Pest Management

Our service specialists take a personal approach to commercial pest control, using proven proactive solutions based on your unique business needs.


With a comprehensive inspection, we’ll investigate how pests are getting in, what’s attracting them and how you can best protect your property


Develop a custom program with proactive pest control techniques, personalized tips, and effective treatment.


Keep a close eye on your program by identifying pest activity and checking your property for conditions conducive to pest infestations.


We will reach out regularly to notify you of any recommendation, service details or concerns.

Setting the gold standard in commercial pest control

For more than 35 years, Apex Environmental Solutions has set the standard for reliability and performance in the pest control industry.

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